Amerikiečio Andrew Miksio įspūdžiai apie lietuvių kaimo šokius

„The summer solstice or Joninės (St. John the Baptist Day) is one of the more important holidays in Lithuania. Despite being named in honor of a Christian saint, this holiday has very pagan roots. And Lithuania, with its distinction as the last country in Europe to give up paganism and accept Christianity, enthusiastically celebrates the solstice by heading to the countryside. It’s one time during the year when villages seem more populated than cities. Andrei Tarkovsky has an amazing scene in his film Andrei Rublev showing medieval pagans celebrating the solstice. Naked villagers run around in the forest dancing, jumping over fires and having sex in the bushes. While it’s assumed that discos are a product of urban culture, it seems to me that these pagan traditions from the forest could have been the first discos. And maybe dancing in the forest never really goes out of style. After all, the full moon and stars make a pretty awesome disco ball.“

- Andrew Miksys

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